Throwback :)

New year has started but I decided to take a few minutes to look back of how life has been on 2015.  

<j>I started the year contrary to the family tradition and Philippine culture. I was miles away from the family to celebrate the new year alone. It was an act of bravery in aim to embrace independence. But no, it was a failed attempt because I’ve decided to never do it again. 
January was a bittersweet month. It was the mark of an end of a chapter on my career but at the same time it was a beginning of hope. It was the first time I traveled with acquaintances with no map on hand, no itinerary, and no whatnot of the place we’re headed. Not to mention how we got stranded on the island with no extra cash, no ATM machine and no money transfer branches open. Challenge, hmm. Now that’s what I call adventure –  what I’m always craving for. And first thing in the year, I’ve took hold of. Bliss. 
Moving on to the following months have been agonizingly slow but leisurely. With no job and no commitments at hand, I’ve got the sweet opportunity to bask on my hobbies. I’ve read quite a lot of books and had a few adventures around. Mind you, reading was at hands grasp but not traveling cos well, I don’t have luxury of free flow of finances from being employed. The tight budget has it perks too. I got to travel only within the city but it brought me to some unexplored and untouched natural resources. Plus, a free ride too courtesy of my also adventurous dad. Oh the perks of it running along our blood. 
On summer, Bohol-Cebu land tour was next on the family’s itinerary. And boy was it tiring! Haha Kidding aside, it was worth a throwback. With my first time on snorkeling adventure along the edge of Cabilao’s sea cliff (idk how to call it, sorry) to the mini-boaracay beach of Anda! Though I wasn’t able to travel along South Cebu with them cos I had to cut it short due to some career opportunities. 
Come May and hello to my new career! Business development officer, uh-huh. The best thing about being employed to the company was dude, they sure know how to pamper young employees: Company tours and trips with unlimited supply of foods, all on the house! Fast forward to date, I’m blessed to have been part of the Bluewater Sumilon Cebu plus whale shark watching (my 2nd time) and Dapitan trip. Plus the Strat Planning at Alta Cebu and the oh-so-luxurious Christmas party at Shangri-La. Let’s not forget all the after office parties *wink 🙂 
A short overview of my other, unpublished activities a month after being employed made my life a whole lot challenging… and exhausting. But fulfilling. Yes, definitely fulfilling.
Fast forward to December and hooray, I’ve got the privilege to enjoy a long Christmas to New Year break! Cheers to more of this on the years ahead! 🙂 

Now, history is yet about to repeat itself. But with a twist. Same month, January. But new twist, academics. Let’s see how this year would be. </j>




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I'm into photography but I'm a no pro. Capturing the best things life has to offer is my hobby. :)
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