Life is too short. :)

Previous chapter has ended. New chapter began… And is soon to end.

Life is too short not to travel. Life is too short not to explore. Lif is too short not to live the moments. And life is too short to suffer when you know you have the means to escape. Life is too short to be choked with something. Life is too short to not take a risk. 

Life is too short. So live your life as how you want it to be.

A side note though, on why I decided to update my feed. I’ve scanned thru my apps and realized that it’s been quite awhile since I last posted here. Just to put on some inputs on my online diary, it’s been months since I’ve been employed as a Business Development Officer in a certain diversified Holdings Company. To summarize my stay in the company in a sentence, I’d say: It was exhausting and stressful yet fun, exciting and fulfilling at the same time. 

The best thing in the company is that the youths share the same passion: travel and adventure. It becomes more exciting when the company shares the same, which ends up giving its employees a free hitch to heaven. 


About missrandoom

I'm into photography but I'm a no pro. Capturing the best things life has to offer is my hobby. :)
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