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Life is a matter of choice, they say. It is a matter of learning how to take advantage of the opportunities. It takes perseverance and motivation. But apart from God, life is meaningless. You may have all the riches, but there’s still a hole that needs to be filled out in your life. And it’s only God who could satisfy that.

Just got back from my month-long training in Metro Manila and there’s one thing that I realized: God wants me to start humbly. He’s always been hinting me about it but I never figured it out not until last week. I’ve been hearing His word for the past month and all He says is “You are mine, do not worry. I have plans, hope and a good future in store for you. Just trust in me. Stay with me and you’d be more fruitful.” Seriously, these passages always talks to me over and over again. Every time I listen to podcasts, read my bible, hear His message and listen to Christian songs, these comprises the same message.

Here goes a rundown of my life for the past month: I stopped applying for job right after the coke incident. I was hopeless. But then, after I was informed that I’d be staying in Cebu with my sister, I tried to apply. I stumbled upon Suyen Corporation who immediately responded with my application and scheduled me for an interview. I was very blessed to pass through the process up until the final interview. It was during the processing of requirements that I became afraid again. But I prayed to God that if the job is for me, then the process would be too smooth and easy. And voila! I was given around 2 weeks to process but I finished everything in less than 3 days! I am indeed favored. NBI, SSS and PhilHealth together with Pag-ibig and Medical are never a good combo when time pressured but the provision I had was overwhelming. 🙂

I was sent to Manila for training. But the day before and after my departure, I felt discouraged. With Mom and Dad’s comment about the job, I feel like I’m not in the right track. That the job does not suit me. Im a BS Mgt graduate of of a prestigious university and I just end up working in a mall store?! Although my position is as the Store Supervisor, “Something’s wrong”, they say. So I went to God and ask Him what now? What should I do? But well, I was reminded that this job was from Him. I was not planing in getting a job cos I was hopeless but I did pray to be employed and this opportunity came. More so, the favor and provision given to me during the process was enough sign. This job is for me. It bridges the gap between me, my achievements and my future. God did not necessarily mean that by landing in this job, I’d forever be at this level. No. I’m taking baby steps. It’s the road to success. Start small. I’m out not to please anybody but to please God. I should dare to be different.

Mind you, the training was never easy. It’s not just about lectures and discussions. Being one of the trainee does not entitle you of a sure job, in fact, we have exams on technical training, store immersion evaluation and panel. An average grade of 85% is necessary to pass the training. I’m an introvert so the store immersion was my weakness. I’m not comfortable with Tagalog so I have difficulties in communication so I speak English there most of the time. During the panel, I was literally shaking and I’m never outstanding in decision-making especially with situational problems. But all I prayed was “God, if this is You, let it be smooth.” I actually did not pray to pass, I just said “let Your will be done”. I even asked my friends to pray for me in such way. And yes, I passed. It was indeed Him from the very beginning. I’m bound to take the road less taken. But I shouldn’t worry because this is His plan for me and His plans are always way better than mine.

(God’s instruments in speaking to me: Who Am I by Casting Crowns, I Know Who I Am by Israel Houghton ft Chris Tomlin, Your Love is Everything by Jesus Culture, Jeremiah 29:11, Ecclesiastes 1, John 15:1-2, Philippians 2:3, Romans 8:28, Pastor Carlo Panlilio of Destiny Church, Pastor Manny Santiago- guest Pastor of Praise Cathedral, Pastor Sumrall of Cathedral of Praise)


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