Hooray for Today! ;)


Stranded. Life will always be unpredictable no matter how strategic you planned it to be.

That’s one thing I learned after being stranded in one of my trips. Fortuitous events should always be considered in creating a plan and that’s one thing I never thought of on this journey. Ugh, bad weather was so kj -.- However, despite those things, I’ve encouraged myself to look at the bright side. I was able to roam around Dumaguete and had a chance to become an ‘amateur backpacker’. Nyahaha, so much for daydreaming of being a travel blogger :3 It would have been a lot better if I was able to hang out with some of my Dumaguete-based friends and relatives.

After the storm signal #2 in Negros and Cebu was revoked, instead of continuing my adventure to Dapitan, I decide to head back to Cebu. Through Landtrip! Yey! My favorite! 🙂 While boarding, I realized how much I really love traveling and how passionate I am to be able to travel to an unknown place and learn its culture. Waaaaah, I’m so excited to explore places. I saw several foreign and even local backpackers and I just simply see myself as one in the future. I’m just still trying to figure out how to live that kind of life without compensating the opportunities of success in the corporate world. 😉 Oh well.

Photo above was taken somewhere in Oslob, Cebu after my 20-minute ferry ride from Negros. It’s as if no tropical storm passed by that place a day before. The weather’s perfect and makes me look forward for summer. 🙂


About missrandoom

I'm into photography but I'm a no pro. Capturing the best things life has to offer is my hobby. :)
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