Balance :)


Life is not just about being selfless and setting everyone else as your priority, it is also about meditating on your life and providing time for yourself — a balance of both could make you feel more contented and free.

It’s hopefully my last semester in college and I’m so ecstatic that I get to enroll in a basic photography class! It’s nothing much, not the typical nerve-wrecking subject but it’s more of an appreciation subject. I’m simply too excited to learn and our professor is so awesome that despite my record of tardiness, it never crossed my mind to skip his class. The photo above is just one of the pictures I submitted in class and my favorite so far. Yes, I know I’m not a pro but at least I got a good shot. 😉

Anyway, balance. It’s something I’m aiming right now. Since it’s my last semester as a student *fingers-crossed, I want it to be the best. I’m planning to have a balanced lifestyle: education-health-work-social. I’m actually exhausted with all the cases and academic stuffs thrown at us so I’m simply taking time and relaxing a bit on this aspect. Also, I’m into exercising right now especially after I fainted last month. Being skinny would be better if you have a toned body, I guess. So I’m doing my share of exercise once in a while. 😉 I’m also currently having a part-time job and it’s overwhelming to buy my wants from my hard-earned salary. In fact, the converse shoes in the picture above is a product of my hardwork. 🙂 lastly, I want to spend a lot of time with college friends considering that in less than 5months time, it’d hard to meet with our busy work schedules (assuming we’d get employed right after we graduate. 🙂 But, I’m quite certain with this. God’s willing.)

After all, life is not just about the quantitative achievements (i.e. Grade) you attained in school. It’s about how you manage to use those knowledge in the next chapters of your life. Graduating from college is a big accomplishment, but it is just the first step to success. There are still a lot of mistakes to make and a lot of paths to take before we could actually reach self-fulfillment. Therefore, we just need to enjoy the journey because it takes too long before we reach our destination. 🙂


About missrandoom

I'm into photography but I'm a no pro. Capturing the best things life has to offer is my hobby. :)
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